History Of Men’s Suits

The history of men's suits can date back to the early sixteenth century during King Louis XIV's reign. During this time men had worn wigs, a long coat, trousers and a hat. In the eighteenth century the men’s suits were more of a decorative style that became popular amongst the French. Men’s suits began to evolve with the English tailors, those who lived in London. The London tailors have influenced the culture of male fashion to the 21st century where men wear suits for business, lounging or office attire.

Peaked lapel is one of the oldest suits that date back to the sixteenth century. You will wear this type of men’s suit when you are looking to remember a special event, such as a wedding and you want to look your best. Looking your best is expensive and most of these suits cost a lot of money. When wearing peak lapel suit, it implies that working in a business is a ceremonial event. The variations can be a single or double breasted jacket, tailcoat or morning coat. The tailcoats where first seen worn by the British army in 1789. It later became modernized by both British and Americans tailors in 1850s and was called a dress coat. The morning coat was an ideal suit for men in the nineteenth century who went horseback riding. Periodically, peaked lapel goes in and out of style due to the complexity of designing such a jacket.

Shawl lapel, shawl collar, or roll collar. A form of a domestic suit, which was only worn to devote no energy on work related tasks; it was worn when you want to dress up. Consider a tuxedo that was popularized in 1930s, which often a bow tie was worn with the suit or a decorative flower called the boutonniere was combined with the suit. It is acceptable to wear this men’s suit when your relaxed, being social with people and ready to party. This suit is timeless, classy, and rich.

Notched lapel is worn presently by men.  This is a classic looking jacket that radiates sophistication. Consider the everyday work clothes it has different variations of cuts. Usually, notched lapel is not found in double-breasted men’s suits. It’s important to know that notched lapel suits are a form of communication and often worn with a tie. Many modern men of today prefer to wear this type of men’s suits than any other style because it’s the most common style and is worn to do business in.


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