History Of The Miss Nude Universe Pageant

The history of Miss Nude Universe Pageant stretches back all the way to the 1960s in Germany to the present where these ladies often competed with no clothing in the form of dance to the delight of the audience and the admiration of the judges. Originally, the Miss Nude Universe Pageant origins begins further back when young women from secretaries to business students went after the title for "Miss Nude of the World's Fair" and later on "Miss Nude World." In those earlier times, many conservatives households and politicians denounce the Miss Nude Universe Pageant as pornography and exploitive throughout the decades. In 1994, a legal case was brought against Dale Bohna of Canada from the American organizers of the Miss Universe Pageant as they did not their competition to be confused or related to the Miss Nude Universe Pageant. Yet in 1992, Justice Barry Strayer ruled in favor of the Miss Nude Universe Pageant as it would be difficult for the public to confuse nude dancing with the swimsuits and gowns of the more regal Miss Universe Pageant.

Many models have competed for the title of Miss Nude Universe over the years and have used the prestige to garner a career boost for their own modeling careers in the industry. From Jada Deville to Nina Mercedez, these gorgeous women have all coveted the title of Miss Nude Universe and used it to carve out a niche in the adult entertainment and nude contests. Miss Nude Universe along with its counterparts celebrates the woman form for many years with little signs of ever slowing down as many countries around the world host their own version of nude competitions.

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