History Of Paul Frank

Anyone with a child under the age of twelve may be familiar with the Julius the Monkey logo that adorns Paul Frank’s work and may be wondering about the history of Paul Frank. Perhaps this article will provide the answers to some of those questions.

Paul Frank, whose full name is Paul Frank Sunich, started the business that would eventually become Paul Frank Industries in a small garage in Huntington Beach, California. Paul Frank Industries (PFI) was formally incorporated in December 1997. Julius the Monkey is their best-known logo, although they have other animal friends who appear on clothing, purses and other accessories.

Initially, Paul Frank characters were sewn or attached to clothing in such a way that they could double as hand puppets. Special openings allowed children to manipulate the character appearing on the clothing item. The company launched its own retail division, The Paul Frank Store, after selling to other retailers first. There are eighteen stores located around the world. Six are in America and the others are scattered throughout Europe and parts of Asia.

Paul Frank left Paul Frank Industries in November 2005. According to a lawsuit filed in March 2006, the separation was not his decision. Court records state that he considered the separation a termination and ultimately filed a wrongful termination lawsuit. The suit was settled for an undisclosed amount. However, another lawsuit was filed shortly after and settlement of that contained the stipulation that he could only use his first and middle name (Paul Frank) in a professional and business capacity.



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Paul Frank Moving Past Lawsuit

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