History Of Quiksilver

You wear the gear, but do you know the history of Quicksilver? Quiksilver is a clothing company that was originally established to provide surfing apparel and supplies to ocean surfers. Over the years, however, Quiksilver has expanded its market to include other ventures, including snowboarding and women's clothing. 

Alan Green from Torquay, Australia, Carol McDonald from Ocean Grove, Australia, and Tim Davis, also from Torquay, started Quiksilver at the beginning of summer of 1969. At the time, they concentrated solely on items that were used in surfing.

Quiksilver is sometimes considered as the inventorof the first surfing boardshort, because of its use of snaps and Velcro in the waist and crotch area instead of a standard fly. But according to Alan Green, the only reason Velcro was used was because he’d bought a large supply of them for use on his Rip Curl wetsuits.

Quiksilver first sold the boardshorts to the Klemm-Bell surfing shop in Melbourne. A few months later, the Klemm-Bell branch in Torquay bought a shipment also. This company was the first company in the world to buy these unique surfing garments.

Quiksilver is known for a series of firsts. These include the technical board shorts, of course, as well as themed product lines, snow wear (which was-and may still be-very unusual for a surfing clothing company to sell,) and the development of an exclusive female line of apparel. The female clothing is marketed under the brand name Roxy.

Quiksilver’s global headquarters has been located in Huntington Beach, CA, since 1999.




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