History Of Sniper Paintball

The history of sniper paintball is an interesting one. The new sport has gone through quite a transformation since it was first introduced. The equipment has changed and become more sophisticated, the types of games have grown, and the amount of strategy that is needed has grown.

History of paintball. The paintball gun has existed for quite long time. It was originally used for marking cattle and trees from long distances. The original gun was manufactured by Daisy, of "The Christmas Story" fame, who specialized in making BB guns. A deal was struck with Nelson Paint Company to produce paint pellets for the gun, allowing for a longer shot than the original paint stream model.

In 1981, a three friends decided it would be a good idea to have a game involving the guns. They assembled a group of twelve, and they began the first "National Survival Game." This was played like capture the flag. It provided such a rush to the original players that one published an article in Sports Illustrated. This started the craze, and it has grown ever since.

Changes. The original paintballs were made of oil based paint, which has since changed to a biodegradable water based paint. This allows for easy cleaning from clothing. The guns themselves have become more sophisticated. There a variety of automatic and semi-automatic types, all powered by carbon dioxide. The changes in the game can cost the player a significant amount. Leagues have been formed, and there are now many players that make money playing.

Types. There are three major types of paintball. The first type is scenario, where players reenact different historical battles or create fictional conflicts using paintball equipment. Speedball is played mostly indoors and usually lasts for only five minutes. Woodsball, which is played outdoors, usually has a capture the flag component to it. Sniper paintball is often used in woodsball, although many players find it frustrating. When someone plays a sniper role, the game can last for an extended period of time and make it more likely that players will be out of a round for a long amount of time.



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