History Of Special Ops Paintball

Curious about the history of Special Ops Paintball? Known as one of the first manufacturers and distributors of Woodsball equipment, Special Ops Paintball embody their essence in the company motto: “We are Woodsball.”

The history of Special Ops Paintball began with the vision of a single man, Jayson Orvis, who brought in his two brothers Jarred and Rory to help build a company that would provide customers everything they need to perfect their Woodsball experience. The brother’s first project focused on perfecting a paint gun stock. Their experiments culminated in the A-5A2 Air-through stock, which became legendary in its time.

Before officially launching Special Ops Paintball, Jayson Orvis hired Brandon Fratto for the position of Air Director and Travis Cable, as web developer for the Special Ops Paintball web store. The online venue was named Special Ops Brigade and still retains its name despite later changes in the company’s history. Both Fratto and Cable became company partners after the website launched officially in November, 2004.

The history of Special Ops Paintball took a further innovative step when the company inaugurated the Scenario Paintball Players League (SPPL), a national competitive venue for players who value honor and camaraderie. The league was the first make use of a dynamic 3-flag game format, which has since become a recognized variation of Woodsball Paintball. Fair sportsmanship was so valued by the company that it launched its distribution of sportsmanship prize-packages after League events. The SPPL became known as the Ultimate Woodsball League (UWL) in 2009.

Special Ops Paintball continued to chart new waters when the company ventured into printed publication. In June, 2006, the Special Ops Paintball launched the first magazine of its kind devoted solely to Woodsball Paintball. The magazine Recon hit the stands and has since led to similar publications from other Woodsball lovers.

The most intriguing aspect of the history of Special Ops paintball pertains to their Brigade website. Though initially conceived as the platform for the company’s online store, Brigade has recently evolved into a social network for Woodsball addicts. Visitors to the site may create an account, then find information regarding games in their area, past and future. They may even record their own game scores and build “rank” among site users.

Due to the tightening global economy, Special Ops Paintball discontinued their line of Woodsball equipment in 2009 and were purchased by Soft Goods director, Brian Russell. This marked an end in the history of Special Ops Paintball. From then on, the company became a division of Xtreme Stitchworks.

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