History Of Starbucks

Looking for information on the history of Starbucks? Starbucks is a shop where you can go to get what they call the "world's best coffee." Starbucks also carries snack items, such as muffins, cookies, and cakes. Going back to the early 1970's, only a single Starbucks location existed, which was in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. The name Starbucks actually came from the novel "Moby Dick."

Howard Schultz, the current CEO of Starbucks, joined the company in 1982. Howard is responsible for bringing mochas and lattes to Starbucks. He was on a trip in Milan and happened to visit some of the espresso bars that they are famous for, and thought that the idea would work well for Starbucks, too. He was right, and before you know it, the city of Seattle was going nuts for Starbucks.

The 1990's was a very important decade for Starbucks. It was during this decade that Starbucks began to expand throughout the United States and the entire world. During the 1990's, Starbucks became one of the first companies to allow their part-time employees to purchase stock options. Soon after that, Starbucks became a publicly traded company. Their stock market symbol is "SBUX." Starbucks expanded into the Middle East in 1999, with their first location being in Kuwait.

The rapid expansion that Starbucks has undergone is nothing short of amazing. As of the 2000's, Starbucks now has over 16,000 locations in 48 different countries. Throughout the years, Starbucks has expanded both their drinks and fresh food menu tremendously. If you are going to Starbucks now, instead of going for a hot cup of coffee, you can go for an iced coffee, a cappuccino, or even a tea. Back when Starbucks first opened, the only thing that they offered was regular coffee.

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