History Of Wilson Tennis

The history of Wilson Tennis is found originating in the early 20th century.  Wilson Tennis is a part of Wilson Sporting Goods, which is derived from a number of companies that changed names a number of times, leading to "Wilson Sporting Goods." 

Wilson Sporting Goods came to be known by way of Thomas E. Wilson, who was appointed president of the company, known in 1915 at the time of a different company name.  At the time it only produced uniforms, golf balls, and later footballs and basketballs.

In 1931 it was named Wilson Sporting Goods Company officially, after the succession of a number of names for the company.  Prior to and during World War II, it still had not seen much in the way of tennis, with the development of the official National Football League (NFL) game ball during the war. 

However, after World War II, Wilson Sporting Goods Company began focusing on tennis.  Initially the signing of Jack Kramer began this movement, in which Wilson Tennis produced a line of signed Jack Kramer tennis racquets.

In the history of Wilson Tennis, other professional tennis players used tennis racquets made by Wilson.  Steffi Graf, Jimmy Connors, and Pete Sampras have used models from Wilson Tennis over the history of the company, among other athletes.

Wilson Tennis also produces the official tennis balls in the US Open, which has occured since 1979.  The Australian Open has followed this similarly since 2006.  Wilson Tennis has also focused on tennis shoes, clothes, strings, and racquet bags.

Reference: International Directory of Company Histories, Volume 24

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