Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms

Histrionic personality disorder symptoms include many pervasive traits that impair interpersonal and social functioning. People with this disorder need to be center stage regardless if they are receiving positive or negative attention. They can be the life of the party or excessively demanding of your time and energy. Their emotions are unstable and shallow and they are usually unable to maintain any long term relationships. 

  1. Easily influenced. Histrionic personality disorder symptoms include extreme gullibility. They are very naïve and can be easily manipulated. At times their affect is very childlike. 
  2. Center of attention. People with this personality disorder need to hold center stage at all costs or they become very agitated and uncomfortable. They don’t necessarily care if it’s constant positive attention or admiration as with people with narcissistic personality disorder desire. If they don’t get what they want, they can throw temper tantrums or even threaten suicide. 
  3. Seductive. In order to get what they want these individuals with histrionic personality disorder can be seductive. They often are very flirtatious or use sex to get what they want. Older individuals with histrionic personality disorder can become maternally or paternally seductive when they begin to lose their looks. 
  4. Shallow emotions. These individuals aren’t very deep. Their emotions are often very dramatic and fleeting. They can bounce from one interest, topic or person relatively quickly.
  5. Physical appearance. Individuals with histrionic personality disorder are obsessed with their appearance. They want to look and sound good to impress others and use this as a tool to get what they want. 
  6. Intimacy problems. These people believe relationships are more intimate and deep than they actually are. Because of their shallow emotions, they don’t understand the work an intimate relationship involves.
  7. Speech. The speech style of someone with histrionic personality disorder is overly general; they don’t concern themselves with specificities of a topic. These people can also be very theatrical and dramatic when expressing their emotions, thus the diagnosis of histrionic personality disorder is very fitting. 
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