Hit Big Shots In Cricket

You're into the sport of cricket and now it's time for you to learn how to hit big shots in cricket. Like every batter or batsman you want to learn how to hit it out of the ball park, literally. Once you have the basics down then you can learn how to hit a pull shot, hook shot and a loft drive. Be sure you always wear protective gear when playing a game of cricket. The gear includes protective leg guards and a helmet. Now let's get to a step-by-step guide to hitting the ball with precision.

You will need:

  • Pitch (playing field)
  • Volunteer bowler (to bowl balls at you to practice hitting)
  • Cricket bat
  • Helmet
  • Pair of Knee pads

Pull Shot

  1. When at bat ask for a short bowl. Knowing that the ball is coming short you can work and focus more on how you're going to hit the ball. This is the first step in learning how to hit a big shot in cricket.
  2. Move the back foot sideways and open your stance to pivot on front foot.  You want to do this step just as the ball is about to be released. This will allow you to do a high back swing as you open your stance. 
  3. Bat should be entering a down swing when ball hits the ground. How to hit big shot in cricket now requires that you give it a full powerful swing. Keep your arms straight for a full maximum swing.
  4. Roll your wrist as you hit the ball. This will allow you to keep the ball on the ground. You will gain a run of six instead of four to the wickets.

Hook Shot

  1. When at bat ask for a bouncer. To hit big shots in cricket you have to know how high the ball needs to bounce as it nears you. For this particular play the ball must bounce up to your chest.
  2. Place your back foot across the imaginary line of where the ball will land.  Step across the stumps forward as the ball hits the ground. Then move your front foot alongside your back foot.
  3. Majority of weight on back foot. Now swing forward strongly to hit big shots in cricket. Keep your arms straight as your body pivots around for the hook.

Lofted Drive

  1. When at bat ask for a full length bowl. Keep the back foot heel slightly raised and the front foot place inside the line. To hit bigs shots in cricket you must point your front foot toward the direction you want the ball to go.
  2. Keep the bat at a downswing as the ball nears. Use you right hand to hit the line of the ball in a full fluid swinging motion. How to hit big shots in cricket during this lofted drive the ball must make contact at the bottom or right-hand side of the bat.
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