HIV Symptoms In Men

Learn the HIV symptoms in men if you fear you may have been infected by HIV. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. A person can maintain his life for a long time without ever getting full blown AIDS with the right medication. HIV symptoms that occur in women may be different from the symptoms that occur in men, so you have to know what symptoms to look for.

  1. Weight loss. HIV can be the cause of unexplained weight loss. If you are not dieting or on some extreme weight loss regimen, but is experiencing rapid weight loss; HIV may be the culprit. You may want to consider making a doctor’s appointment.
  2. Fever and frequent headaches. Having a fever due to HIV may be confused with having the common cold or the flu. It’s a symptom that men do get when infected by the virus HIV. Are you having headaches on regular bases, especially when you are normally not afflicted with headaches? That’s something that needs to be checked out.
  3. Extreme drowsiness. Men that have HIV have bouts with extreme fatigue. Feeling sluggish and drowsy all day for no apparent reason is a symptom of HIV. Has your lack of energy declined even when you get efficient amount of rest? The symptom of tiredness is cause for concern.
  4. Diarrhea. This symptom can be brought on by other things besides HIV, such as food poisoning. However if diarrhea is accompanied by any one of these symptoms, its possible HIV has been contracted.
  5. Dry cough. Persistent dry cough with no signs of sinus problems, cold or bronchitis is a symptom of HIV. Phlegm is usually the cause of coughing when a person has a cold. Which at some point the mucus is coughed up, but when the cause is HIV the coughing will be dry.

HIV is a sexually transmitted disease that is contracted by men and women. It is much more severe than other types of sexually transmitted diseases; there is no cure for HIV. However there is prevention abstaining from sex or unsafe sexual practice and the use of a condom will lower your risk of contracting HIV.  

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