Hockey Field Equipment

Hockey field equipment or field hockey pitch equipment is fairly simple. Field hockey is one of those field sports that requires very little beyond the basics to play. Aside from field hockey player gear, which in itself is normally fitted down to a uniform, stick, mouth guard and shin guards there is little more to talk about. Minus the goalie, which in most sports requires additional gear, field hockey is an inexpensive sport.

This article will bring the equipment for the field to play a field hockey game and look at some plus-up for the overall play.

  1. Turf or Pitch: This is the playing surface in field hockey. The pitch is best suited to be synthetic of Astro-turn. Basically, a fake grass field composed of synthetic fibers that make up the playing field. Synthetic is best because it is easier to care for and if properly installed eliminates rises in the field or other abnormalities that a grass field presents. Of course, the pitch needs to be painted to show the boundaries and in play touch lines.
  2. Field Hockey Ball: Not a player piece of gear and not really a piece of field gear either but the filed hockey ball needs to come in someplace. The ball is normally plastic (the best style) with dimples to reduce hydroplaning. The best balls are over a cork center which gives them better drive, weight and control. Color of the ball is of no consequence, weight is not a specification but a circumference must be at lease 6.5 to 7 cm.
  3. Field Hockey Goal: The field hockey field goal should be a part of the pitch or stadium gear. The size of the net varies among age but for adult males the between post dimension is 2.14 m and from ground to goal post inside at 3.66 m. The netting matters little providing it is not so wide as to allow the ball to pass through. The color of the goal is up to you or the stadium. Generally speaking, team colors would be the best choice or simple white.
  4. Field Hockey Field Lighting: Naturally this is not mandatory unless you are playing at night. The best lighting is ‘sky glow’ and is positioned to the field (directly). Every light has a coverage pattern where the light is most useful to where it looses its ‘lux’ and becomes useless in the field of play. The best lighting covers the entire field without shadow or overlapping to cause glare. For this reason lighting needs the design and implementation of a lighting professional to be effective.
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