Hockey Referee Gear Essentials

Hockey referee gear essentials include a variety of items each hockey referee or linesman should have. While they don't need things like sticks and gloves like hockey players, hockey referees should always have gears like their uniform sweater and pants, pads, skates, a helmet and a whistle on hand and ready to go.  

  1. Referee sweater  Though referee uniform sweaters or shirts will vary by league, the black and white striped sweater is the standard across the board. In most cases, the linesman and referees wear similar striped sweaters, with the referee signifying his position with orange bands on the arms.
  2. Girdle  Worn under the pants, the hockey referee girdle provides protective padding and a protective cup. The girdle is shaped like a pair of shorts, giving support and protection to the midsection.
  3. Helmet  Just like players, hockey referees and linesmen must protect their head with a helmet. Painted a standard black, a helmet is an essential safety piece to protect the referees. Optional clear visors can be attached to the helmets if desired to provide protection for the eyes and face.
  4. Pants  As the second part of the uniform gear essential, referee pants complete the look of on-ice officials. Like the sweaters, hockey referee pants are generally black but can vary per league policies.
  5. Pads  Though hockey referees generally do not take part in the physical aspects of hockey, as officials are on the ice with the players, padding for the elbows and legs are a gear essentials must. One set of elbow pads should be worn as well as one set of shin guards, which also covers the knees.
  6. Skates  To move about the ice and follow the action, a good pair of skates are gear essentials for all hockey referees. Unless league policies state otherwise, referees can choose their desired brand of skates. Good-fitting hockey socks are also a must, worn under the skates.
  7. Whistle  In order to control all the action on the ice, stopping play when necessary, each referee should have at least one whistle. Two types of whistles are common, those worn on a chain around the neck and those which attach to the fingers.
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