Hold A Pool Stick Properly

You're going to hit the bars on Friday night and play a game of billiards, but you're unsure how to hold a pool stick properly. You don't want to look like a dope but you don't want to ask anybody either. No problem, we have the answers right here. Do note that holding the pool stick is only half the technique. The other is the stance with your legs and bending over the pool table. You must combine all three if you want to play a good game of pool.

You will need:

  • Pool table
  • Pool stick
  • Cue balls
  1. Use your dominant hand to hold the butt end of the pool stick. To hold a pool stick properly, you must keep a loose grip on the back end. Your thumb should wrap around one side of the stick and your fingers on the other.
  2. Stand with your legs apart and bend over table. This may seem silly to state, but your body should be parallel to the pool stick. Bend at the waist, bend at the knees and bend down as close to the felt of pool table as is comfortable. Your stance is just as important as your grip to hold  a pool stick properly.
  3. Place your non-dominant hand on the table.  You want to make sure the heel of your hand is on the surface of the table with your fingers spread out. You can now slide the pool stick between your thumb and index finger, right there on that groove in your hand. This is the easiest way to hold a pool stick properly.
  4. Change it up. Once you've learned how to hold a pool stick properly the easy way, you can now go more advanced. Keep your last three fingers on the felt of the table. Lift up your right index finger and form an "okay" sign with your thumb. Slide the pool stick in between the hole and allow the stick to slide across your fingers. Now you can hit the cue ball with ease.
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