Holiday Cottages Peak District

The best holiday cottages in Peak District are ones where you want to go for a sweet vacation. The Peak District is the oldest national park in Britain and, as such, one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the entire country. You can split the Peak District into two, distinct locations: the Dark Peaks which are known as the uplands and the White Peaks which are known as the dales.

  1. Lyndhurst Matlock Bath. This holiday cottage in the Peak District easily comes at the top of the list because it is a super holiday cottage. It features seven bedrooms and the ability to sleep up to nineteen people if you so want. The Lyndhurst Matlock Bath is made out of stone and features three floors that are filled with LCD TVs, leather sofas and DVD players. If you have the cash to vacation here, it will be worth it.
  2. Pillsbury Grange Pillsbury. The Pillsbury Grange Pillsbury is a holiday cottage that can sleep up to twelve people and features six bedrooms. A real old-timer of a holiday cottage, this former part of the Chatsworth Estate is more than 300 years old, and what better way to spend a vacation in the Peak District than in a true classic of the area? Newly renovated, the Pillsbury Grange Pillsbury includes a dining room with room for twelve, a traditional farmhouse kitchen, and a sitting room with the benefit of an open coal fire.
  3. Ash Tree Cottage Hartington. The Ash Tree Cottage Hartington is a more quaint and value-minded holiday cottage in the Peak District. With only two bedrooms and the ability to sleep four people, this cottage used to be a barn that is now converted into a holiday cottage. Despite its humble beginnings, this entire cottage today has under-floor heating that is controlled by a thermostat.



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