Hollywood Cookie Diet

The Hollywood Cookie Diet is not without controversy and skepticism. However, if you want to jumpstart your weight loss program and see results fast, this program just may be for you. Of course everyone wants to see results right away. But most become bored and unmotivated fast if they do not see at least some indicators of success. The following information related to the Hollywood Cookie Diet will inspire you by giving you that first push you need to dislodge yourself out of your comfort zone and explore a new, healthy life.

  1. Pick your poison. Variety is the spice of life, and the Hollywood Cookie Diet affords dieters the option to take advantage of their vast tastes, or stick with one or two flavors if that's their preference. Whether your taste buds crave lemon, oatmeal raisin, or chocolate chip, you can rest assured that there is a choice for you.
  2. Eat your cookies. Four cookies a day keeps the weight away. Eat a cookie for breakfast, eat one in the middle of the morning, eat one for lunch, and eat one in the mid afternoon. This calorie depletion is the central them of the Hollywood Cookie Diet. As you take away calories from each meal, without starving yourself completely, the pounds start to drop.
  3. Don't forget dinner. In order to cap off your Hollywood Diet completely and effectively, a normal dinner is the final order of the day. Between the four cookies and dinner, you are looking at a daily intake of between 1,200 and 1,400 calories. So with that in mind, choose from one of several sensible dinner options that the Hollywood Cookie Diet reccomends. Whether your choice is fish tacos, grilled salmon, or lentil soup, there is always a way for you to end your day on a tasty and healthy note.
  4. Get moving. In order to maximize the potential of the Hollywood Cookie Diet, it is critical that you exercise. One has to burn more calories than they take in, or you will not lose weight, no matter what program you utilize. Start with a simple walking or running program, and incorporate some light weight training to get you started. Then you can gradually build up from there.

Remember, the Hollywood Cookie Diet is not a long term solution. It's designed to train your body to eat less, before eventually switching to eating several smaller meals a day. As with any diet or exercise your program, consult your doctor or personal physician before getting started.



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