Hollywood Undead Songs

Masks can hide your face but lyrics will always show your inner truth and that portrayal leads to the 10 best "Hollywood Undead" songs. A band that could've been ignored as another mask wearing angry group, the music and the lyrics show that there is talent that needs to be heard. Hide the small mammals, put earmuffs on nearby kids and point your speakers out the window as you add these songs to your play list:

  1. "Paradise Lost": Need and devotion burn bright in "Paradise Lost". The vocals salt the earth but still manage to grow a personal Garden of Eden. Even if he weren't blind, Milton probably wouldn't have seen this song coming.
  2. "Sell Your Soul": Tumbling around, never staying still for more than a second this song is kinetic energy. The music collapses only to stand back up in "Sell Your Soul" and becomes a great "Hollywood Undead" song. The feeling of always being on shaky ground permeates through the music's marrow.
  3. "This Love, This Hate": More poppy than the usual fare, "This Love, This Hate" tells its story in echoes. The vocals have a tremendous 80s feel as the emotional content gives and takes equally from you. "Hollywood Undead" creates an eerie feeling in your mind much like brushing into cobwebs in the dark.
  4. "City": Lyrics and music that take your hand then stomp right through a dangerous cityscape. There is anger coupled with a reluctant understanding in "City". A song that brings back the cities of your past and turns a baleful eye upon them.
  5. "Been to Hell": Pulse pounding, "Been to Hell" dilutes your blood until it's nothing more than red water. Like a wave that won't give up on reaching past the shore, this song grasps and overreaches for more. A great song by "Hollywood Undead" for the pre-gym or the pre-holiday dinner.
  6. "Black Dahlia": More bitter than sweet, "Black Dahlia" is a succinct ride into ennui. A song that rips the bandages off all wounds, new and old and tries to restart the healing before the scars set in. A title that evokes a past horrible crime gives recognition to the crimes perpetrated against each other.
  7. "Glory": A sweeping sound that gathers up the audience and keeps throwing them around. Like being denied the ability to reach the eye of the storm from the storm, you're always fighting to reach the calm within the fury. "Glory" takes you, shakes you and lets you think you've gotten free when it's never going to happen.
  8. "Undead": Bass and drum punctuate like bullets raining down on a static target. "Undead" keeps a low sound profile while letting the vocals blister awaiting eardrums. "Hollywood Undead" tones down in order to attack a new summit.
  9. "The Diary": Like a walk by yourself when you need to blow off steam, "The Diary" is just you and the white noise of the world. An observant look into depression gives poignancy to what could've been another typical angst ridden song. "Hollywood Undead" knows their sad times and precisely dissects them.
  10. "Bad Town": A funny respite from the normal crushing songs, "Bad Town" puts a smile on your face. Seeing Los Angeles get treated like a bad dog is memorable and a song worthy of being written. Laughter mixed with a critical eye makes this a "Hollywood Undead" rarity.
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