Home Chlamydia Test

Concerned sexually active partners should request a home chlamydia test. Prevention can stave off contracting the STD; however, narrowing down the possibilities can expedite a solution. Epididymitis, or infection of the epididymis, causes inflammation, pain, fever, and even sterility in men. Men who harbor the disease can infect his partner with the disease if left untreated. A staggering 40 percent of women develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which may lead to infertility in women. Finding a reliable home chlamydia test becomes necessary when considering the grave consequences of ignoring past mistakes.

Potential patients can find STD testing free of charge at most walk-in clinics. However, some patients may want to conceal results when opting to take a home chlamydia test. Some laboratories can ship free chlamydia tests to unsure clients desiring an answer. Upon receiving the home chlamydia test, the subject should find instructions detailing the how-to process of completing a chlamydia test, a laboratory address for suspecting specimens, and who to contact for the final results. It's imperative to read all of the instructions before starting the home chlamydia test.

The home chlamydia test should outline the details behind obtaining a home chlamydia test sample. A patient inquiring within the package should know that there are two distinct ways to administer the test. The first method includes swabbing the tip of the penis, and placing the specimen into the transport tube. The second method entails swabbing one fourth of an inch into the rectum, and placing the specimen into the transport tube ready for shipment. An included contact form should provide all of the details needed to inquire about the results once the two-week grace period has transpired.



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