Home Health Aide Job Description

It is important to have a working knowledge of the Home Health Aide job description if you wish to enter this field. Becoming a Home Health Aide is an admirable career for anyone who enjoys helping people. In this position you assist with personal care, bathe, help dress and groom patients. Many of your patients will be elderly or handicapped.

  1. Assist Patients. The main function of a Home Health Aide is assisting patients. This can be in the form of emotional support, help patients take their medications, and provide quality care to the patient as is needed.
  2. Acquire Patient Information. It is vital all information the Home Health Aide has received regarding the patient be correct, and assist in correcting any information on the patient that is determined to be incorrect.
  3. Communication Skills. Being able to communicate information effectively to supervisors, coworkers, and patients is an important part of the Home Health Aide's job description. Poor communication can result in patients being given wrong medications. The Home Health Aide must also have excellent written skills. You must have legible handwriting so all reports involving patients is easily understood by supervisors, and coworkers.
  4. Adapt to Circumstances. A properly trained Home Health Aide is always on the lookout for any change occurring in the patient’s home, or to the patients themselves.
  5. Relationship Building. Home health workers need to establish and nurture relationships with their patients. It is important the patient trust you. In addition, it is equally important to maintain a healthy relationship with your supervisor and coworkers. Gaining the trust of patients is paramount to give them the level of care they deserve.
  6. Solve Problems. Home Health Aides must be able to solve problems and address challenges as they arise. This is an essential attribute when dealing with the elderly and handicapped.
  7. Prioritize Work. The successful Home Health Aide is organized and prioritizes their work based on patient's needs. The Aide must be able to set goals, and plan the workload so as to achieve maximum benefit to the patient.

Finally, a successful Home Health Aide must be able to multi-task, plan, set goals, and prioritize their workload. Aides must be caring individuals who enjoy helping elderly and handicapped people. Being a Home Health Aide is hard work, yet a most satisfying and worthwhile endeavor.

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