Home Remedies For Healing Canker Sores

If you suffer from painful canker sores, or mouth ulcers, you may have already tried several home remedies for canker sores. Have you tried any of these?

  1. Lemon juice. Plain lemon juice is one remedy for healing canker sores. Apply the juice directly to the affected area three times a day.
  2. Black tea bags. Place a wet black tea bag directly on the canker sore. Black tea contains an alkaloid substance that helps relieve pain.
  3. Aloe vera. Mix aloe vera juice with water and rinse your mouth with the concoction. This home remedy will get rid of canker sores more quickly and help relieve the painful symptoms.
  4. Raw onion. This home remedy for healing canker sores is said to be effective, even though it may cause some initial discomfort.
  5. Baking soda. Add one teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of warm water and use this home remedy for canker sores to rinse your mouth three times a day.
  6. Cranberry juice. Drinking cranberry juice between meals will help relieve the pain and it will work as a home remedy for healing canker sores.
  7. Salt. Rinse your mouth with salt water to help get rid of canker sores.
  8. Ice. Putting a cube of ice won’t make the sore disappear, but it will help make it feel better.

Also, avoid foods that trigger canker sores. Spicy foods, chewing gum, smoking, and alcohol are all triggers. Avoiding these things may not prevent canker sores altogether, but they will help so they occur less often.



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