Home Remedies For Healing Skin Garlic Burns

Garlic can be dangerous when used topically on the skin, so home remedies for healing skin garlic burns have developed.  Garlic has long been used as a homeopathic remedy for many illnesses.  It is effective in reducing the likelihood and duration of colds and boosting the immune system.  Some people use it to try to cure their acne by putting a topical mix of garlic on their skin.  This can be dangerous, resulting in skin garlic burns from the allicin in the garlic.  There are home remedies for healing skin garlic burns that victims of these mild burns can utilize.

  1. Ice cubes:  As soon as you have noticed that garlic is causing your skin to burn, stop treatment. Wrap ice cubes in a towel or cloth and place them on the burn.  This well help ease the pain.
  2. Vitamin E Oil:  Vitamin E is one of the well known home remedies for healing skin garlic burns.  Buy some Vitamin E capsules and cut them in half.  Dribble their oil onto the burn and rub in gently.  Vitamin E has antibiotic properties that can be helpful in preventing infection.
  3. Honey:  In 2008, the University of Auckland in New Zealand reviewed several articles which showed that honey can an effective home remedy for healing skin garlic burns.  Honey that was placed on mild burns helped them heal four days faster than burns that did not receive treatment.  Put some honey on the garlic skin burns and wait 30 minutes before washing it off for optimal results.
  4. Aloe Vera:  The contents of the leaves of the aloe vera plant, including the sap and pulp, can be mashed into a gel, which can be applied to a mild garlic burn.  Aloe vera has analgesic properties that can help prevent swelling and decrease the pain already associated with the burn.
  5. Sandalwood Powder and Rose Water:  Mix sandalwood powder and rose water together until you have a thick paste.  The paste that results is one of the good home remedies for healing skin garlic burns.  You can apply it to the burn for fifteen minutes, until the pain has decreased.  Afterwards, wash it off with cool water.
  6. Lavender Oil:  Lavender Oil is known for its soothing and healing properties. When applied directly very soon after the burn has occurred, it speedily removes the pain, and prevents painful scarring.
  7. Papaya Fruit:  People in Africa and South-East Asia have used the skin and peels of the papaya to help heal minor burns for centuries.  Recently, this wisdom has spread to Western culture.  Papaya contains antibacterial qualities that decrease the pain and possibility of infection in a burn.  Place the white skin covering the fruit of the papaya on the burned area, and the papaya will assist in speedy healing.
  8. Carrot and Cucumber:  Blend carrot and cucumber into a paste and strain the juice, placing the paste on the burned area.  Carrots and cucumbers help cool and heal injured skin.  You can also cut up slices of refrigerated cucumber and place it on the burned area in the place of ice cubes.
  9. Whole Milk:  Soak a cotton pad or washcloth in cold whole milk, and place it on the burned area for twenty minutes or longer.  The fat in milk helps to counter and combat the acidic allicin in garlic. 
  10. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables:  Many of the home remedies for healing skin garlic burns include topically preparing fruits and vegetables.  It is also helpful to the healing process to eat diet that largely consists of fruits and vegetables.  Focus on fresh food, to help your skin heal quickly.

Garlic can be very beneficial to a person’s health.  However, when used unwisely as a topical treatment for acne, it can result in painful burns.  Use these home remedies to heal the burns.

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