Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

In search of some homemade Halloween costume ideas? Now is the time to get your creativity flowing and make a costume that will really stand out against the rest! Making your own Halloween costume is not only fun, it's also cheaper than spending an armload on store bought costumes. Ready to get started on your homemade costume? If so, continue reading. 

  1. Clown. Making a homemade clown costume is probably one of the easiest and most creative Halloween costumes you can make. The possibilities with this versatile costume are many, as you can be a funny, scary, sad, or happy clown. To get started, simply grab an old sweatshirt and old sweatpants, and glue some fluffy pom poms to the front. You can then decorate your clothing with fabric paint to make it wacky and colorful. Paint your face in the desired fashion, and add an oversized hat or crazy wig to complete the look!
  2. Hippy. Get funky with this homemade hippy costume. You can find all kinds of great finds at your local thrift shop, such as tie-dye shirts, long bell bottom pants, and outdated vests. Add your own style to your hippy costume, and make it your own. Don't forget the sandals and sunglasses! If you really want to get into it, you can also find a long haired wig to add to the costume.
  3. Nerd. Halloween is the perfect time to be a nerd! Simply put on some trousers, suspenders, and geeky glasses, and you're good to go. Don't forget to hike up your pants as much as you can to look as geeky as possible. Make sure you also wear long socks and dorky sneakers if you want to look like the ultimate nerd.
  4. Vampire. This costume is quite easy, and all you really need is a black cape and some face makeup. It is best to wear dressy clothes underneath your black cape, but it's not necessary. Paint your face white, and then add red face paint to the corners of your mouth to create blood, a vampire's favorite snack. Most vampire's have their hair slicked back, so don't forget to gel the hair back. You can also find cheap plastic vampire fangs at most Halloween shops, which will make your vampire look complete.
  5. Cowboy. Connect with your western roots by dressing up as a cowboy for Halloween. This classic costume is always a hit, and easy to make. All you need are some cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, plaid button-down shirt, and some old blue jeans. You can add your own style or flair to your cowboy costume, and there really is no specific way to pull the look off. Just don't forget the country accent!
  6. Mummy. An Egyptian mummy is an excellent homemade Halloween costume, and a blast to make. Just grab an old white bed sheet, and some scissors, and cut the sheet into long strips for the mummy's bandages. Dress yourself in some clothes that are white, or off-white, so that they blend in with the bandages. Use safety pins or fabric glue to stick the bandages to the clothing. Make sure you don't do this while you are wearing it. Use fabric paint to add stains and discolorations to the bandages, and use face paint to achieve a "dead" look on your face. 
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