Homeworld 2 Cheats

Homeworld 2 cheats offer visual and systematic changes within the game, such as playing in a higher resolution and disabling front-end textures. Homeworld 2 was developed and released by Relic Entertainment in 2003 for the PC and Mac. It is a space-world real-time strategy game with both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. In order to input these cheats, right-click on the Homeworld 2 shortcut on your desktop. Click on "Target," and type in the codes after the colon (including the backslash) to activate the cheat.

  1. Homeworld 2 resolution cheats change the resolution and amount of colors used in the game. Enter in the follow codes for the desired effect: 1024×768 Resolution: /1024, 1280×1024 Resolution: /1280, 16-bit Colors: /d16, 1600×1200 Resolution: /1600, 24-bit Colors: /d24, 36-bit Colors: /d36, 640×480 Resolution: /640, 8-bit Colors: /d8, 800×600 Resolution: /800.
  2. Use the following cheats to disable certain Homeworld 2 features. Disable 3rd Mode Error: /nodebugInt, Disable AI retreat tactics: /noretreat, Disable all voices: /noSpeech, Disable bi-linear filters: /noFilter, Disable end-of-match text reports: /captaincyLogOff, Disable front-end textures: /NoFETextures, Disable KNI: /disableKatmai, Disable multiplayer logs: /logOff, Disable polygon smoothing (may improve game performance): /noSmooth, Disable the hints from the SM: /nohint, Disable the packed textures: /disablePacking, Disable wallpapers: /niltextures, Disable window borders: /noborder.
  3. Use the following cheats to enable certain Homeworld 2 features. Enable slow screen blips: /slowblits, Enable the Stats text files: (use in tandem with the previous cheat) /statlogon, Enable the text files after a battle: /captaincyLogOn, Enable the text files after a multiplayer match: /logOn, Enable verbose logging files: /logonverbose.
  4. The follow are miscellaneous Homeworld 2 cheats. All feedback you receive is stored in a text file in the main HW2 directory: /textfeedback, All ships become boxier: /boxes, Play a LAN game with other versions: /forceLAN, Auto-skips all cut-scenes: /disableAVI, Computer players are more determined – (creates harder matches): /determcompplayer, Debug mode (useful after a crash): /debug.



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