Homeworld 2: How To Use Gates

Find out about Hoeworld 2: How To Use Gates. Homeworld 2 is considered one of the most technically impressive space simulations somebody can buy, and mastering it's intricacies calls for you learning the subtleties of how to use gates. Gates, as one would assume, are how you can transport your ships from where you are to the far reaches of the universe through hyperspace. While the technology behind the gates are so advanced that explaining it would take a tutoring session from Stephen Hawking, using the Homeworld 2 gates is much easier in practice.

  1. Growing your Tech Tree. Before you can construct and use hypergates, you need to gather the resources and follow the path on the tech tree that allows you to create the necessary buildings and ships to utilize a gate. The most important is, obviously, a ship that is capable of jumping.
  2. The Gate to the Stars (Not to be Confused with the Stargate). After you have built everything you need and are the proud owner of a shiny new ship with shiny new FTL drives, it is only a matter of finding a hypergate near you. As soon as you do, guide your ship to the gate.
  3. When you reach it, click on the gate and Homeworld 2 will give you a list of locations you can jump to. Every location won't be there at first, you'll need to find and remember a bunch of them, but now that you have the ability to boldly go where no man has gone before, the only thing holding you back is your imagination- and your resources.
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