Homeworld 2 Stargate Mod

Any sci-fi fan would need to have a "Homeworld 2 Stargate" mod. This following "Homeworld 2 Stargate" mod is one of the best mods for this game because it combines two space-faring intellectual properties into one amazing experience. If you know anything about intergalactic conquest, then you definitely need to get this "Homeworld 2 Stargate" mod.

  1. The Races. One of the best things about the "Homeworld 2 Stargate" mod is the races. You can play as the Terrans, the Goual'd, the Ori, the Wraiths, or the Ancients. Each one has been plucked straight from the "Stargate" lore and optimized to be used within the "Homeworld 2" engine. If you're a "Stargate" fan from any universe, you'll love this use of the show's canon.
  2. The Ships. Each race has a multitude of ships, each mimicking classes in the game and the show respectively. You can use an Ori Spacefighter, or crush your opponents with an Ancient Battleship. Each ship has been tweaked using the "Homeworld 2" system to make every race comparable against the next within the game.
  3. The Game. While there is no single-player campaign to speak of, the "Homeworld 2 Stargate" mod does allow for skirmishes against an AI opponent or battles against other players using the popular "Hamachi" or "Xfire" systems. Now you and your other "Stargate" fans will be able to use your favorite ships within the "Homeworld 2" game!

Any true "Stargate" fan really needs to get the "Homeworld 2 Stargate" mod. The ships and races have been optimized for use within the engine, and the gameplay has been optimized for multiplayer use. The lack of a single-player experience may hurt, but at the same time, this "Homeworld 2 Stargate" mod will bring you and other fans even closer together!



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