Homeworld PC Cheats

If you find the gameplay of Homeworld on the PC to be too challenging, or simply wish to mix up your gameplay with some enhanced elements, then you should know the Homeworld PC cheats. Homeworld has dozens of cheat codes, most of which change the settings, and to activate the cheats, you simply need to write them at anytime during gameplay, using the keyboard of your PC.

  1. /debug This cheat code enables debug mode for Homeworld on the PC.
  2. /noBG This cheat code disables galaxy backgrounds during gameplay.
  3. /noCompPlayer this cheat code disables the default CPU players.
  4. /notactics This cheat code disables tactics during gameplay.
  5. /freemouse This cheat code toggles free mouse, for which you have to press F11 on your PC keyboard.
  6. /noSound This cheat code disables all sound effects.
  7. /noSpeech This cheat code disables all speech. This can be used with /nosound to make the game entirely silent.
  8. /reverseStereo This cheat code swaps the audio channels from left and right.
  9. /fullscreen This cheat code displays fullscreen using the default software renderer.
  10. /window This cheat code disables in a window.
  11. /noBorder This cheat code disables the border on window while playing Homeworld on the PC.
  12. /noPause this cheat code disables pausing Homeworld using ALT and TAB (pressed simultaneously).
  13. /noMinimize This cheat code disables minimizing Homeworld using ALT and TAB (pressed simultaneously).
  14. /dockLines This cheat code shows dock lines.
  15. /gunLines This cheat code shows gun lines.
  16. /gatherStats This cheat code enables stats to be gathered during gameplay.
  17. /closeCaptioned This cheat code turns on closed captioning.
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