Honda Fit Recall

The Honda Fit recall has affected at least 886,200 car drivers. There were three different recalls that were made to try to resolve the problems. The Honda Fit had a power switch problem, a headlight problem, and a motion spring problem. Read on to learn more information about the Honda Fit recalls and what you can do if you are affected by the recall.

One of the most recent Honda Fit recalls were made because the power-window switch could start a fire. Heavy rains or water can pond within the door panel by the master power-window switch, and this condition causes the window switch to overheat and a fire to ignite. Company officials suspected that one person may have died due to this problem but it has not been proven. However, at least seven incidents of power-window switch fires have occurred in the United States and 646,000 Honda Fit cars were recalled.

Another Honda recall was made because the headlights were not working properly. According to recent reports, the low beam headlight wiring was wearing out from regular use. The wiring connectors would overheat and this would cause the low-beam lights to burn out. Honda has not found any injuries or deaths from this problem. As a result, of this problem, Honda had to recall 143,000 Honda Fit cars. You can take your Fit back to the dealer and have the wiring replaced or the headlight switch replaced.

There was a motion spring problem that forced a Honda Fit recall and 97,200 Honda Fit cars were recalled. The valve train inside the engine contains motion springs and sometimes these springs can break or bend. When they do, the engine does not sound right and this condition may cause damage to your Fit engine or the car may stall. Honda has brought this defect to the attention of the owners by mail. If you have not received a letter from Honda, call them. They say they are obligated to alert you and help you if there is a problem with your Fit.

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