Hong Kong Street Food: What to Order

When it comes to Hong Kong street food, your faced with a variety of choices. There are many reliable sources such as street food vendors, who sell a wide assortment of interesting and culturally authentic dishes. Most street vendors sell quality foods at low prices. It gives the consumer a very authentic dining experience, as well as a better sense of Hong Kong's culture. The foods that are sold mainly by street vendors include fish balls, wonton noodles and egg puffs.

Not only can you go to street vendors for an interesting selection of Hong Kong street food, you can also go to markets.  Some of the more popular markets in Hong Kong are located on Temple Street. The Temple Street Night Market is a vast market that stretches several blocks, so bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes along with your appetite. The best time to go is after 5 p.m., because the street food market doesn't truly become active until then. The market can be reached by taking the Tseun Wan MTR to Jordon Station, exit D.

For those looking for a more tourist friendly area TsimShaTsui is an ideal location for Hong Kong street food. Located on Haiphong Road, this street is known for it's fish balls, crepes, and juice bars. Your choices will not be limited to those street foods, though. Haiphong Road has a vast selection that caters to every taste. Even vegetarians will be at home on Haiphong Road, as it has also has a large selection of street foods for vegetarians. Reaching Haiphong Road requires you to take Tseun Wan MTR to TsimShaTsui Station. Once there, not only will you find delicious Hong Kong street foods, you will also find appealing shopping areas.

To get a full cultural dining experience it is suggested that the tourists eat where the locals eat. It is also never a bad idea to ask about local favorite street foods that are unknown to most tourists. Also try to dine on new street  foods that may seem strange and unusual. Also don't forget to ask your hotel for any suggestions for interesting and local places for dining experiences. A true culinary adventurer never shys away from a chance to taste a new culture's take on cuisine.

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