Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

Are you wondering about hormonal imbalance treatment? Natural, homeopathic or prescription remedies are available to assist in restoring hormonal imbalance. Restoring levels of testosterone will assist in reducing nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disorders and possibly restore sexual function. Consult with a physican before beginning any type of natural or homeopathic hormonal imbalance therapies as these may interfere with medications already prescribed.

Prescription therapies. Creams, tablets, patches or pellets are applied or swallowed (after testing has determined a low level of testosterone) for a synthetic or natural testosterone treatment to patients with low testosterone levels. These are prescribed as a hormonal imbalance treatment and used one at a time. Hormone blockers and hormone replacement therapy may also be suggested by a physician as part of an overall program.

Dietary Supplements. Chrysin, zinc, saw palmetto, nettle extract, antioxidants, wine, soy, broccoli, cauliflower, carnitine and muira puama are some oral remedies that are sold in both natural and medically prescribed form. These items are sold over the counter at drug stores or in health food stores. Testosterone levels can be raised by eating, swallowing a tablet or capsule or drinking these items as a hormonal imbalance treatment.

Natural and/or Homeopathic Supplements. Ginseng, oyster, oatstraw, saw palmetto, zinc, bee pollen, damiana and selenium are some natural ingredients available over the counter to assist in hormonal imbalance treatment. Natural and/or Homeopathic supplements can be eaten, drink (tea, tincture) or taken in capsule or tablet form. Diet and exercise are also vital to maintain production and function of hormones.

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