Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Knowing hormone imbalance symptoms is important so you can know if you should seek treatment. A hormone imbalance is too much or too little of a certain hormone in the body. If you do suffer from any of the following symptoms or feel you have a hormone imbalance, you should seek treatment by your doctor.

  1. Hot and cold flashes. This can include night sweats, which is severe sweating during the night, and flushes. You may also experience a clammy feeling.
  2. Rapid heartbeat. Hormone imbalances can cause your heartbeat to beat quicker than normal.
  3. Mood swings and irritability. This can include sudden and unexpected tears and crying when one might not normally cry.
  4. Trouble sleeping. While this may be due to night sweats, you might have trouble sleeping even if you are not suffering from night sweats. 
  5. Fatigue.  This is very common in those with hormone imbalances and can be an extreme, crashing fatigue.
  6. Anxiety and depression. Someone with a hormone imbalance may experience a frequent ill at ease emotion and feel worried. They might also feel dread, doom, or apprehension.
  7. Soreness. Hormone imbalances can cause one to feel achy all over and have a soreness of the joints, muscles and tendons. There can also be an increased tension in muscles.
  8. Disorientation. Becoming disoriented can also include becoming dizzy or lightheaded. There can also be a loss of balance. Memory lapses can also be possible.  
  9. Headaches. The headaches may change and become worse or better. 
  10. Increase in allergies.  Hormone imbalances can cause allergies to worsen.



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