Horse Back Ride Essentials

Before going out on your first ride, you may want to consider bringing along a few of these horse back ride essentials. Horseback riding can be a great time, but if do not properly prepare yourself then you are in for trouble. By keeping a couple of these horseback riding essentials in mind, you can help to ensure both your comfort and safety.

  1. The proper clothing. The first thing you will want to consider is what clothes you will wear. Proper clothing is an absolute horseback riding essential. You need to wear long pants, preferably made of a material that does not bunch or bind. Also, if you are a novice, you will want to consider wearing a pair of tights or long underwear underneath those pants. This helps add padding and decreases the chances of chafing and blistering. Of course, if you plan to take up horseback riding as a regular hobby, investing in a pair of chaps or horseback riding tights is essential.
  2. Get a good pair of boot. Yes, there is a reason that cowboys wear boots, and it is not just a fashion statement. Not all riding boots are created equally, so getting the right pair when you are horseback riding is essential. You want a pair with a good sized heel, at least one and half inches long; this will help keep your feet in the stirrups. You will also want to pay attention to the tread. Riding boots should not have a heavy or thick tread, this will cause your foot to stick and jam in the stirrup.
  3. Grab a helmet. When you are horseback riding, a good helmet is absolutely essential. Too many head injuries happen from horse riding accidents; injuries that could have been prevented by simply just wearing a helmet. So do not skimp here. Purchase a helmet that fits properly; it is probably best to visit a certified riding shop. The helmet should be marked verifying that it is ASTM/SEI approved.
  4. Don a pair of gloves. A good pair of thin leather riding gloves can also help stave off blistering. Really, any type of protection will do, but if you want maximum results and best protection, invest in a proper pair of riding gloves.
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