Horse Back Riding Facts Men Should Know

There are certain horseback riding facts men should know, as there are facts involved with all sports that are important to know. Some of these facts are not essential for you to know, but it is always better to be aware of what goes on in the sport you are involved with and it's fun to know little facts about the activities you participate in. Ready to learn about some horseback riding facts? Continue reading!

  1. Horseback riding began over 5,000 years ago. Yes, that's right. Horseback riding is practically an ancient sport! Based on scientific findings and discoveries, the evidence is there that people started riding horses 5,000 years ago or more. This means that some of your ancestors may have ridden horses regularly. 
  2. There are different horseback riding styles. There are several ways you can ride a horse and you can ride one with a saddle or without. There are also different types of horseback riding techniques, such as English and Western horseback riding. 
  3. Horses were an important mode of transportation. Before there were cars and trains, people often rode horses to get to their destinations. Without them, many people would have had to walk long distances by foot. Can you imagine life back then without horses?
  4. Horses do not reach adulthood until age four. A horse ages much slower than most animals, and will not reach adult size and stature until he is four years of age, or older. Although horses do not age as slowly as humans, they age significantly slower than most animals. 
  5. A rider should lean back while riding a steep hill. When you are riding downhill on your horse and the terrain is especially steep and rocky, you should always lean back to help balance out your body. If you don't, the horse can quickly lose his balance. 
  6. Domestic horses live to about age 25 to 28. Most domestic horses live a relatively long life, and can live anywhere between 25 to 30 years when taken care of properly and fed a good, healthy diet. A horse must be kept in a clean living space as well to remain healthy and to perform at his best.
  7. Horseback riding can take years to master. It may seem like an easy sport, but a great equestrian has been working at his sport for years. There are certain techniques and skills that can take a long time to perfect, just like with most sports. If you want to get good at horse back riding, you will need to devote a lot of time and dedication.
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