Horse Barn Kits

When deciding on what kind of shelter you want for your horses, take horse barn kits into consideration. Unless you have a community to help raise a barn, horse barn kits are the way to go. It will save countless hours on construction, and the cost is not a whole lot more that buying everything separate.


  • Horse barns. This type of horse barn can be totally closed shut. It is an excellent choice for isolated areas where predators are a problem.
  • Run in sheds. Run-in sheds are open, as the name suggests. The only part of this kind of horse barn that can be closed off is normally a tack room.
  • Lean-to Sheds. A lean-to shed is much like a run-in shed. The major difference in this type of horse barn is that there is an overhang roof. This offers a place out of the worst of bad weather and shady spot to cool off in during the summer.


  • Wood Barns. For a more traditional look and less expensive building materials, A wood barn delivers both.
  • Metal Barns. For a Longer lasting building that requires less maintenance, metal buildings  may be the answer. They are also easier to sanitize so if you are planning on having multiple animals an easy to clean area.


  • $1500.00 and up for wood barns.
  • Pricing for a Delivered and installed metal Horse barn kit, it would run around $3000.00 for a 12’ x 21’ Run in horse barn.
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