Horse Grooming Tips

Horse owners are always looking for new horse grooming tips to save time and money. Horses require a lot of care from their human owners and grooming is a great way to bond with your horse. When you look at any horse magazine you will notice that almost every page is an advertisement for another new product to help with grooming. Basic horse care, common sense and these few tips can help. 

  1. Keep your horse healthy. Horses in good health need less grooming and bathing. Always have plenty of fresh water available, feed high quality grain and provide good grazing. Get regular veterinarian check ups, vaccinations, and keep up with dental work and hoof trimming.
  2. Know your breeds characteristics and what style of grooming works best. Arabian horses have short hair, delicate skin and need different brushes than a thick-coated Clydesdale, for example. Research what works best for your breed of horse.
  3. Have the correct tools for grooming. Brushes, combs, and picks need to be kept in good condition. You wouldn’t like combing your hair with a dirty, substandard brush and neither would your horse. Use a bucket or tray basket to keep all your grooming supplies in one place. A good grooming kit would should contain soft, medium and stiff brushes, rubber curry comb, mane comb, grooming mitt, hoof pick, mane and tail detangler, hoof dressing, conditioner, sponge and a towel.
  4. Brush and curry your horse regularly but don’t over groom. A horse that stays mostly inside should be groomed once a day due to dust and inactivity. If your horse spends a lot of time outside in the pasture grooming every day, it can be too much and will result in the loss of natural oils in the skin
  5. Keep your horses stable and stall clean. This seems like an obvious horse grooming tip, but horse owners get busy and neglect to keep the stall as clean as they should. Clean bedding is essential to a healthy, sweet smelling horse. Horses kept mostly inside should have their bedding changed at least four times per day. Horses that stay outside the stall for most of the day only need their bedding once or twice a day.
  6. Exercise your horse. Just like us, horses need regular exercise to stay healthy. Cantering and galloping around their pasture helps their bodies stay strong, their immune system stay healthy and works up a good sweat.
  7. Provide enough pasture for grazing. Hay and grasses make up a large part of a horses diet and provide many of the vitamins and minerals that horses require. Having an adequate supply of fresh grass makes for a healthy coat and skin.
  8. Check over your horse thoroughly once a day. Check hooves for embedded stones, rot, splits or damage. Check body legs for burrs, scratches, fly or other parasite eggs, rub marks or insect bites. Notice the way you horse eats. Does the food fall out or does your horse have trouble chewing? If so, you may need to schedule a dental appointment.  

Keeping these few horse grooming tips in mind will help you and your horse have a healthy relationship. Taking the time to keep your horse fit and groomed is essential to your horse’s well being. Remember to never stand behind the horse while grooming or at any other time.

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