Horse Showing Tips

It is essential you use horse showing tips to ensure you are properly prepared prior to a horse show. If you forget these tips, you just might find yourself facing a difficult situation at the show. A little bit of time spent preparing for a horse showing using these tips can make the difference between winning and losing.

  1. It's not uncommon to arrive at a horse show only to realize you have forgotten something you needed, which can leave you in a difficult situation. To prevent this from occurring, create a to-do list a couple of days before you leave to the show. Creating a to-do list well before the show allows you time to remember anything you may have forgotten to add to the list. Include tasks that need to be completed before you leave, as well as any grooming materials and any other essential things needed for the show.
  2. Horse showing tips includes completely preparing for travel. You must do your research prior to leaving. Find the best route possible to take to the show, keeping in mind weather and traffic when determining a route. Figure out how long it will take you to arrive at the show. Don’t forget to add in eating time for yourself and the horse, bathroom breaks, and just time to stretch your legs. Always give yourself more time to arrive than expected because you don’t want to be late should something unexpected occur.
  3. Preparation is an essential component of horse showing tips. Preparation needs to include preparing yourself and preparing your horse. If you have never participated in a horse show, visit one as a spectator to learn what a horse show is about and how one is conducted. Talk with others who may be attending the same show for pointers.

Remember, horse showing should be fun. Never compare yourself to the competition. Your personal achievements and your horse are all that matter when it comes to horse showing.

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