Horseshoe Pit Dimensions

To be honest, stringent horseshoe pit dimensions are really not that important to enthusiasts, neophytes, or even the common grade of county park degenerates. The emphasis is not on perfectly manicured or measured horseshoes pits. It is actually on the contents of the beer cooler and what is smoking on the grill. Horseshoes is a very informal game where you pitch horseshoes at a stake. While there are naturally sticklers who wish to take it to an Olympic level, horseshoes is usually played amongst friends and family at a very loose and congenial level of competition.

To get the horseshoe pit dimensions set up for a round of pitching, you will need:

  • The know it all uncle who claims his eyeball methods of pit measurement to be law
  • An actual measuring tape that can be pulled at lengths over 40 feet
  1. The lay of the pit. The horseshoe pit dimensions have been defined since the first drunken farmer threw a horseshoe at a fleeing chicken that possessed an unusually long neck. Actually, that part is totally made up. But generally speaking (this even includes the rigid regulations of the The National Horseshoe Pitchers Association), the horseshoe pit dimensions should roughly measure out 40 feet long between the stakes and six feet wide. Regulation horseshoe pits usually hit 46 feet because a player should pitch the horseshoe anywhere from 43 to 40 feet away from the target stake.
  2. How to do it. The easiest way to measure out the horseshoe pit dimensions is to get your drunken uncle to do all work while you sit there and drink his beer. But if you are the drunken uncle or stuck doing silly things like hacking out the dimensions of a horseshoe pit, then nail a stake in the ground somewhere flat. Keep the stake about fifteen inches off the ground. Take your tape measure and stagger forward for 40 feet. You can either plant the other stake here or if you forgot to bring it, draw a line with your foot and mark it with stones.
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