Hostess Job Description

Looking for a hostess job description? The job description for a hostess includes a wide range of duties. The hostess it the first person to greet customers or guests and makes the first impression on them. It is important for the hostess to understand the importance of the job and its duties.

The hostess has the job of greeting customers or guests in a way that is warm and welcoming. The hostess must be clean, well-groomed, well-dressed and professionally friendly. It is the responsibility of the hostess to inquire whether the guests have a reservation or if they are walk-ins and to see to their needs.

In most cases, the hostess is responsible for taking and managing reservations. This is a fairly standard part of the job description for a hostess. Any mistakes in reservations must be resolved by the hostess with a professional and resolute attitude that will make the customer feel appreciated and satisfied.

A good hostess understands how to properly seat customers at a station to avoid overwhelming a server. Each establishment will have its own unique method of handling the seating chart. The hostess should be aware of how long the wait is for a table and inform the customers while offering to make them comfortable during their wait. A big part of a hostess' job is to manage the customers and keep them informed. No hostess wants customers walking out in frustration.

The hostess should inform the wait staff of new guests. Communication between the hostess and wait staff is essential to maintain the quality of the dining experience for the customer. After seating customers it is the job of the hostess to inform the wait staff of new customers in their station. The hostess will let the customers know their waiter or waitress will be with them shortly. A good hostess keeps an eye on the stations in case of a miscommunication that would keep customers waiting too long.

Part of the hostess' job is to stay informed about the kitchen. The hostess always knows how the kitchen is running and whether the food is coming out of the kitchen on time or not. The main duty of the hostess is to keep the customers satisfied by seeing to their needs and keeping them informed of wait times.

Hostesses should keep the menus and waiting area clean. The hostess should wipe down the menus and keep them clean. Handing a sticky menu to a new customer will not make a good impression. Keeping the waiting area clean and comfortable is an important duty. The hostess has the job of making the best first impression possible and keeping the customers comfortable until they are seated.

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