Hot Dog Eating Contest Rules

Learning about hot dog eating contest rules can offer a window view of what is expected for both contestants and hot dog eating contest planners. From the importance of registering, knowing when the contest begins, how long it lasts and other important information and rules, there is much to consider.

Hot dog eating contests usually come with one or more judges. The panel can be the eyes and ears of any hot dog eating contest and it's crucial that a contestant do their best when following hot dog eating contest rules. Once the judge(s) find a contestant breaking a rule, the participant may be faced with disqualification–not a pretty way to end a hot dog eating contest.

  1. Register Stand up and be counted if there's a chance of becoming the next top dog in the hot dog eating contest. Registry is the first step in entering a hot dog eating contest. That is if a person wants to be on the roster of contestants.
  2. Know the Time Being on time is the most important of all since the hot dog eating contest starts with or without all contestants. The time frame of the hot dog eating contest itself is beneficial to know since each contestant is offered a preview in weighing their chances before the contest begins. Remember, when the whistle is blown, that means put the bun down! Any last minute slip ups in consumption after the whistle is blown is pure unrelated to the contest and will not count.
  3. No Touching Knowing the seating chart is seemingly important. It's wise to figure out the space between each contestant since arms moving up and down can make or break the amount of hot dogs consumed. Going out of "bounds" or touching another person while battling each hot dog may lead to a disqualification.  Understanding the amount of space to work with ahead of time does help when preparing for the hot dog eating contest in order to follow the no touching rule.
  4. Water Consumption Water is a given at any hot dog eating contest to allow the pallet to refresh between a certain amount of hot dog intake. Some contests only allow one cup of water to every three hot dogs. Others simply encourage as much water as each hot dog eating contestant wishes to drink. Understand the water consumption rule or it may lead to disqualification.
  5. No Talking It's commonsense. Don't say a word or face the dog house. Talking to another contestant while in the middle of a hot dog eating contest can be dangerous for them. If a contestant is eating a hot dog and another contestant asks a question or makes a comment, the hot dog eater that may respond could choke on his/her hot dog  Sounds a bit out there, but it's a reality that is not worth the risk.
  6. Hands Down The hands down rule means that all hands must not reach above the head due to distracting other hot dog eating contestants. The only measure where hands should be above the head is when a person physically must rely on lifting the arms in a unique situation.
  7. No Diversion A diversion causing distractions may result in disqualification. A contestant cannot make swirling arm motions in hopes of distracting the attention of another contestant. It's commonsense. Don't say a word or face the dog house.
  8. No Profanity Profanity is 100 percent not accepted at any hot dog eating contest.
  9. Be a Good Sport A great benefit from being a good sport is displaying positive behavior. Another perk is clearing a path in securing a seat in the next hot dog eating contest. Any poor sport that showers aggressive inappropriate behavior may be escorted off of the premises by the authorities. Not a good way to end a day. Whether a winner or loser, be a good sport.
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