Hot Naked Models

Few things on Earth are as beautiful, strong, and sexy, as hot naked models. For your education, amusement, and… whatever else you deem necessary to do with the following, we rigorously assembled a list of our favorites.

  1. Olga Kurylenko. Ukranian model turned international film star, Kurylenko first captured the eyes of most American audiences with a wonderful nude scene in the film adaptation of the video game "Hitman". After a quick search of the all-knowing internet, however, we saw more and more of her beautiful body from before her film career.
  2. Keeley Hazell. This english glamour model will definitely have you picking your tongue up off the floor. Carrying a set of astonishing 32F's on the frame of a 24" waist and 36" hips, Keeley is the definition of a hot nude model.
  3. Vida Guerra. For our more rear-centric readers, Cuban-born Vida Guerra ought to have plenty of 'back'. Predominantly know for her butt, there is still plenty more to see of this amazingly hot nude model.
  4. Breann McGregor. A great example of geometry (well, as close as we intend to get to math) in the sense of globes and curves, McGregor's shapes will make anyone drool.
  5. Angela Ryan. This little beauty is a pin-up and fetish model out of Dallas, Texas, and happens to be an internet sensation. This hot nude model also performs in burlesque shows!
  6. Rosie Jones. Another Brit, Rosie Jones has eyes that will melt your heart, and a body that will… well, you know. Check lad mag "Page Three" for this hot nude model.
  7. Carolina Barbero. This tiny, tiny girl from Argentina is the tiniest little hot nude model on our list. She's known on the internet by several names, including Caro and Nicole Star. Did we mention she's tiny?
  8. Jaime Pressly. Long before she starred on the TV show "My Name Is Earl", Jaime was a hot nude model. She even became an emancipated minor when she was fifteen to move to Japan and model!
  9. Jodie Marsh. The one word that can be used to describe this hot nude model's assets is, simply put, wow. Why yes, those are 32GG's on this woman! Very hot glamour model from Britain Jodie Marsh has had her 'assets' (quite obviously) augmented, more than once.
  10. Brooke Burke. This hottie from Connecticut has been driving men crazy on the internet and in print for over ten years. Just give her one glance, and your eyes will get stuck that way. Just like your mother told you. In all seriousness, stare all you want, she won't mind.
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