Hot Stone Massage Supplies

Hot stone massage supplies are plentiful in any massage supply catalog, throughout the Internet and even in some stores that carry bath and body care products. From the massage therapist who may decide on professional hot stone massage kits to the lay person who purchases supplies or kits designed for home use; there are hot stone massage supplies for all levels of use. Hot stone massage may be learned in workshops or through video instruction.

  1. Stones. Basalt stones are most frequently used for hot stone massage. Basalt is stone formed from volcanic eruptions. It is most widely recognized as the optimal material for hot stone massage due to its heat-retentive properties. The stone is most commonly machine-smoothed and rounded for easier use and application.
  2. Heater. Many stone sets come with a specific type of electric heater that can safely heat water to varying degrees. Optionally, an electric roaster pan with differing heat settings works well.
  3. Tongs. A large set of tongs is a handy accessory for removing the stones from the heater at the time of use.
  4. Lubricants. Hot stone massage requires the use of massage oils, creams or lotions to provide adequate gliding over the skin to avoid friction from contact.
  5. Towels and sheets. All massages are done with the use of sheets and towels to provide comfort to the massage recipient, for clean up and to protect the massage table.
  6. Massage table. Although hot stone massages may be done on a bed or similar surface, a massage table is optimal for providing the best working surface.
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