Hot Tub Games

Hot tubs are nice and relaxing, but they can be more fun with hot tub games. If you want to use your hot tub for a party, these games can make it more exciting. You can play these hot tub games without having to worry about the components getting wet, but don't try to play most other games; they may have more disastrous consequences.

  1. Play with plastic playing cards. If you really enjoy poker, blackjack or canasta, consider playing with plastic cards while in a hot tub. You may need to have a floating mat in the middle of the tub or a side table for shuffling the cards, but these cards are great for avid players. Just don't use regular playing cards unless you feel like replacing them afterwards.
  2. Use a floating checkers tray. If you have a favorite checkers partner and don't want to stop practicing while you are in the spa, consider purchasing a checkers tray. They are great for hot tub games, especially if you and a friend or loved one are enjoying a soak together.
  3. Play hot tub charades. Since charades doesn't require any props, boards or playing pieces, it can be played in the hot tub. Charades hot tub games can be fun because they add a more complicated element to the game – the fact that you can't move around as easily. If you prefer, you can play a version of charades where sounds or certain words are allowed.
  4. Have hot tub boat races and battles. If you have some plastic boats, you have some hot tub games. Everyone in the hot tub can push a boat, and the first boat to reach the other side of the tub wins. Or players can have boat battles, in which players push boats against one another to try to get them to capsize. Like the next suggestion, these hot tub games are great for mindless fun after a stressful day or week.
  5. See who can create the longest beard. While it is definitely not the most educational of the five hot tub games, seeing who can make the longest "beard" out of hot tub bubbles is a fun game for casual, silly parties. It is fun for children or for adults who simply do not want to have to think very hard after a long week.
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