Hot Tub Kit Essentials

Your brand spanking new hot tub is no good to you if you don't have hot tub kit essentials to go with it. Not only will your hot tub kit essentials augment your entire hot tub experience, it'll make you forget about all that money you spent on such a frivolous novelty in the first place.

  1. Filters. It doesn't matter if you got a shower right before you hopped in the tub. You're still carrying gross guy cooties when you get into the hot tub. So you'll need plenty of filters to clean out your junk each time you get in.
  2. Chemicals. Your new hot tub is just like a pool. It needs chlorine and special spa chemicals just like every other standing body of water. That is, of course, unless you want a layer of pond scum on top – it's also known as algae.
  3. Cover. A cover is a hot tub kit essential. Put your cover on every time you get out, as this will help keep out all the tree leaves and bird droppings.
  4. Pump. A pump goes hand in hand with your filter. In fact, as far as hot tub kit essentials are concerned, the filter won't work at all unless you have a pump and hoses to go with it.
  5. Pillows. Comfort is king in a hot tub. But not all hot tubs come with cushioned backs. So you might consider having a head or shoulder pillow to place behind you when you sit in the hot tub.
  6. Scented candles. Set the mood with scented candles. Although these don't always come as hot tub kit essentials, you can buy them separately. Smell before you buy – as you might bring them home and find you sneeze the entire time when they're lit.
  7. Pack heater. "Hot" is the key word in "hot tub." So don't forget the heat – or you'll never convince a guest to join you.
  8. Spa fragrances. You can scent your hot tub water to make both your body and your water smell better. But don't stick your nose in to smell it too often, or you'll get a case of a raisin nose.
  9. Skimmer. As a guy, you're likely to forget to put your hot tub cover on sometime. So don't forget to invest in a skimmer to strain out foreign objects that blow in during your absence.
  10. Rubber duckies. Your hot tub kit essentials are not complete until you have one rubber duckie per soaker. By the way, you're never too old for rubber duckies, in case you were wondering.
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