Hottest Female Guitarists

For a long time, many individuals dismissed the idea of ever having a hottest female guitarists list. There's a myth that girls cannot play music to the same capacity as their male counterparts. Luckily, several of the hottest female guitarists have shown everyone wrong. It's the female guitarists now that are really being noticed for exuding an incredible amount of sex appeal from the stage to the front cover of your favorite music magazine. Here's a list of five of the hottest female guitarists that heated up the music industry:

  1. Joan Jett Most people know who Joan Jett is. If not, say the words, "I Love Rock N Roll." While Jett achieved most of her fame in the '80s, she continues to rock out with her band, The Blackhearts. Jett's music has not only inspired music fans, she also reached out to sports fans by releasing songs to women's sports organizations. These are only a few reasons why Jett is one of the hottest female guitarists out there.
  2. Liz Phair Phair began her rise to fame in the city of Chicago. There, she started to record and write music under the name, Girly Sound. As other bands emerged from the Windy City, Phair pushed to gain attention from the best indie labels. But, her sexually charged lyrics and attractive body also contributed to her success as one of the hottest female guitarists in the '90s when her album finally reached mainstream audiences.
  3. Katy Perry A few of the major labels passed on Perry but that did not stop her from achieving mainstream success. Perry signed with Capitol Records to work on her debut album, "One of the Boys". Her music was leaked on to the Internet and was even discovered by the queen of pop, Madonna. Perry's first single, "I Kissed a Girl," was an instant hit with mainstream audiences. Her following singles, "Hot N Cold," and "Waking Up in Vegas," have also been successful. But, it's Perry's sexy vintage look that makes her one of the hottest female guitarists out there.
  4. Sheryl Crow Crow premiered in the '90s after serving as one of Michael Jackson's backup singers. She emerged as a guitarist inspired by the sounds of rock, blues and folk music. Her music made it to the masses with the release of her debut, "Tuesday Music Night Club." Since then, she has torn up the scene with such singles as, "All I Wanna Do," "If It Makes You Happy," and "Everyday is a Winding Road." Crow has even won Grammys for her unique sound. In addition to her musical career, she also loves to give back to the community. She is a big supporter of cancer research. Who doesn't think that's hot? Her beautiful looks and her heart make her another one of our favorite hottest female guitarists.
  5. Jewel You won't hear many females who can yodel. You also won't find many girls who can claim that they are a best-selling guitarist and poet either. Luckily, we can appreciate someone who does – Jewel.   At the age of 19, she finished her debut album, "Pieces of You." Her soulful voice and girl next door image make her one of the hottest female guitarists today. Since then, Jewel has taken up poetry and continues to tour around the world as she creates more albums.

As these women continue to inspire others, more hot female guitarists will emerge. There will certainly be more women to add to the list of hottest female guitarists as more females pick up the instruments that were previously owned exclusively by men.

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