Hottest Female Political Commentators

The real heat in politics comes from the commentator side, specifically from the hot female political commentators steaming up not only the political stage with their rhetoric, but the lens with their staggering looks.  It’s easy to keep up with current politics because we listen twice as hard to lectures from these hot female political commentators.

S.E. Cupp  You don’t know who S.E. Cupp is? I guess you just don’t watch the news. Shame on you, dude!  This right wing writer’s resume is as long as Snoop Dogg’s rap sheet.  Though conservative, she’s not afraid to mix it up in hostile territory as a contributor to The Politico. 

Michelle Malkin  Allure meets altercation, political author and blogger Malkin’s lambasting of the left on any and every hot button issue only pushes all the right buttons for sex appeal in our black book.    We know its cliché, but there’s no more apt description for this petite pundit – dynamite does come in small packages and she is as explosive in logic as in looks.

Laura Ingarham  This blonde bombshell is hot enough to be token hot leading lady on Law & Order (props to her law background). Though she has long ago left her law roots to be a hot political commentator on the Talk Radio Network, she can still subpoena us any day of the week.

Amanda Carpenter  Carpenter’s daily column at The Washington Times is called “Hot Button.” How fitting.  This brunette hottie has appeared on various news networks to ply her punditry with looks to blow the roof off the political banter. This hot political commentator also blogged the 2008 presidential election for Glamour.  Hell, if Glamour had half a brain, she would have had a feature spread in the magazine, pen and ink in hand.

Kirsten Powers It took awhile to find a hot female liberal political commentator that was up to snuff for this list, but when we did, we hit gold.  Gold as in the golden-haired and angelic knockout looks of Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers. We bet some of you right-wingers out there would put your politics aside if it meant a shot with this hottie political commentator!

With a few notable exceptions, it looks like the right has the corner on pretty political punditry.  All that aside, these Hot Female Political Commentators have the brains to match and that adds something I would certainly risk the flames of rejection for.

Honorable Mentions

  • Debbie Schlussel
  • Kellyanne Conway
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