Hottest Natalie Portman Moments

She’s one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood, so it’s not surprising that there are a lot of on and off screen choices for the list of hottest Natalie Portman moments. Before the cameras and behind the scenes Portman proves smart and dedicated.

  1. Natalie Portman stars in Devendra Banhart’s video. This proves that it’s sexy when a girl stands by her man. In 2008, the actress was dating indie rocker Devendra Banhart, so when he decided to make a Bollywood inspired video for his song “Carmensita,” Natalie seemed the perfect choice for the bejeweled princess. Of course, in true Hollywood fashion, the inseparable couple split up a few months later.
  2. Natalie Portman admits her love of “dirty” rap. Fans who think of Portman as the sophisticated Harvard grad with a degree in Psychology might be caught off guard by the next entry on the list of hottest Natalie Portman moments. In 2009, she showed that she was a little more street than some suspected by confessing to Jake Gyllenhaal in a sit down for “Interview” magazine that she was into “dirty rap” music. The confession that Portman was into “obscene hip-hop” gave her a little edge and upped her secret bad girl factor.
  3. Natalie Portman shaves her head. It’s hard to believe that Natalie Portman shaving her head would make the list of her hottest moments. When Portman went bald for the Wachowski brothers’ film, "V for Vendetta,"she showed the world that having a pretty face can help any actress overcome a little thing like a lack of hair.
  4. Sexy scene with Mila Kunis in “Forgetting Sarah.” Fans will be treated to a super steamy scene in Portman’s 2010 movie “Black Swan.” In the Darren Aronofsky thriller, Portman shares a sex scene with the “That ‘70s Show” star Mila Kunis. But Natalie watchers shouldn’t expect more of the same anytime soon. She fears that movie moments like this might distract from the film and only did it because she couldn’t pass up the chance to play a different type of character in the film.
  5. Natalie sisses Scarlett Johansson. Natalie’s “Black Swan” kiss isn’t the only girl on girl action on the list of hottest Natalie Portman moments. Just two years earlier, the “Other Boleyn Girl” actress set tabloid tongues wagging when she shared a steamy red carpet smooch with co-star Scarlett Johansson at the film’s German premiere.
  6. Natalie Portman gets naked in “Hotel Chevalier.” Rounding out the list of hottest Natalie Portman moments, the movie star appeared naked in Wes Anderson’s prologue to his film “The Darjeeling Limited.” The internet short “Hotel Chevalier” featuring Portman as Jason Schwartzman’s character’s girlfriend. The short premiered on iTunes and was later included on the “Darjeeling” DVD. Despite reports that Portman regretted the nude scene, she told "Elle UK" that she’s not a prude about nudity in film.
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