Hottest Olympic Athletes In Playboy

The hottest Olympic athletes who have appeared in Playboy are all those female athletes whom you have ever watched during an Olympic event while thinking "I hope one of her you-know-whats suddenly pops out!" These gals have made their respective (and somewhat boring sports) suddenly more watchable and, maybe even, interesting. Being the good, feminist progress-destroying athletes they are, they all decided to epitomize themselves not as athletes, but as mere pieces of meat to be gawked at by men. Men everywhere thank and appreciate them for this sacrifice.

  1. Katarina Witt. Figure skating's Katarina Witt takes the top spot with effortless ease for the fact alone that her appearance in "Playboy" for 1998 garnered the distinction of being only the second issue in all of "Playboy's" objectifying history to actually sell out. Katarina Witt is in legendary company for this feat since Marilyn Monroe's appearance on "Playboy" was the first issue to ever sell out for them. When this hottest Olympic athlete would wear her skimpy skating outfits while doing her routine, you just knew that she wanted to also engage in some exhibitionism later on down the line.
  2. Ashley Harkleroad. Ashley Harkleroad holds the distinction of being the first-ever tennis player to take up space on a "Playboy" cover, though she is also a very obscure and unpopular tennis player. While that leads to speculation that this hottest Olympic athlete posed for "Playboy" just to gain publicity for her fledgling tennis career, it does not, however, subtract from the fact that you can still ogle her naked body all you want in 2008's August issue of "Playboy."
  3. Amanda Beard. Amanda Beard is one of the hottest Olympic athletes out there, so men everywhere (when they were able to stop their tongues from hanging out and their mouths from drooling) all came together in unison to give thanks for her decision to strip herself naked and pose in "Playboy" for their pleasure. Appearing in the July 2007 edition of "Playboy," this hot Olympic athlete sure made most guys pay attention to competitive swimming again (if only to watch Amanda Beard and hope that one of her you-know-whats would pop out during competition).
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