Hottest Pornstars

Listing the hottest porn stars is like listing the richest billionaires. In order to narrow the field down, we chose a focus group: young women of the digital era who became porn stars by embodying our fantasies regarding beautiful everyday women, not the untouchables.

  1. Maria Ozawa is a Japanese porn star of mixed heritage. From her Japanese side, she inherited black hair and a petite frame, while from her Canadian ancestry she was gifted substantial chesticles and a nice behind. Add to that per propensity for weirdness, which runs the gamut from costumes to full-body lubrication, and you have one of the hottest porn stars in the world.
  2. Sasha Grey is a celebrity porn star. She’s been in Hustler and she played the lead in “The Girlfriend Experience.” Her thin frame and long, dark hair make her look a little like a flower child, but her desire to feel pain as part of the sexual experience evokes a much more complex sexuality. She’s one of the hottest porn stars you’re likely to find.
  3. Roxy Reynolds, oh mama. Ever heard that song about big butts? You might think it was written with Roxy in mind, once you’ve seen her in action. This lovely African American porn star is packing serious heat in the backside and is not afraid to get freaky in threesomes, anal and monster hog action.
  4. Scarlett Pain shares more than a name with movie star Scarlett Johansson. Both are petite and busty, with tight bodies and firm booties. Pain has red hair and freckles that makes her just cute as a button when she’s not showing off her plethora of tattoos or taking a gargantuan porksword hilt-deep in her pungent retreat.
  5. Lexi Belle is a mercurial presence in the world of digital porn. One day she’s playing the starlet having passionate lesbian sex with her large-breasted ex, the next day she’s a schoolgirl covered in blood. Sometimes she’s a peripheral figure in a threesome, while others she’s choking on beef front and center. Anyway She’s got something for everyone, thus qualifying her as one of the hottest porn stars out there.
  6. Amia Moretti, also known as Amia Miley, possesses a unique look in a world that stresses stereotypes. She plays Latinas commonly, though has also played vArab and Italian. Ultimately, she looks native Hawaiian. Regardless of her ethnicity, Moretti is petite, spunky and love to jump on a towering behemoth of manliness.
  7. Sahara Knite is by some counts fugly and by others exoticly beauty. Whether or not you think her face is pretty, you can’t deny the fact that this British porn star, who is of Indian heritage, is one of the hottest around. Mostly, it’s on account of her boundless enthusiasm, which sees her do everything from peeing on women to taking bulbous bashers in her bum.
  8. Heather Brooke became one of the first nontraditional porn stars of the digital era when her little experiment took the Internet by storm. That experiment entailed posting videos of her fellating her husband online. Brooke possesses deft technique on mouth action and boasts a fine body to boot.
  9. Emma Mae looks more like a tomboy you’d see throwing punches at a punk show than a porn star, and therein lies the appeal. An Internet sensation, Mae is a tall, think blond who wears bookish glasses, sports a number of tattoos on her shoulders, and has one of the most alluring Lolita glances in porn.
  10. Alexis Love and Rebecca Linares, two Latina porn stars, conclude our list. These two offer different pleasures. The former is petite, almond-skinned and down for anything, while the latter is dark haired, fair skinned and specializes in old school porn rife with garters, expensive clothing and elaborate set ups. They offer some of the finest assets of our neighbors to the south.
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