House Decorating Games

House decorating games play on everybody’s dream of having a perfect home. There are a number of free house decorating games available on the internet as well as some notable titles such as “The Sims.” Although not everyone is a designer, both guys and girls can enjoy these games because everyone wants a home or room designed to their own tastes.

  1. “The Sims” is a series of simulation games where the player creates an avatar. Central to the game is the avatar’s home that the player also designs. The player is given a limited budget in designing the avatar’s house from the wallpaper, curtains, furniture, plants and more. As the avatar earns more money, the player can purchase better upgrades to liven up the house just like in real life. “The Sims” is one of the best house decorating games ever!
  2. “Barbie Living Room” is a free online game about Barbie’s (not the Barbie doll) messy living room. It is a fairly difficult house decorating game because of the stuff that has to be arranged in a cramped space. Still, the game can be quite addictive once you put your mind into it.
  3. "Design Your Kids Room" is not just for kids, but also for parents. This game allows the player to design a kid’s room down to the toys, decorations, furniture and paint. Since this is a kid’s room, expect a lot of color.
  4. "Living Room Remodel" puts the player in the role of an interior designer tasked to redecorate a client’s living room. In this game, the player cannot change the placements of the furniture but can change the designs of each item. Players should ensure that all the items complement each other in terms of design and color scheme.
  5. "3D Room Decorating Game" provides the player with a 3D and floor view of a game room. The players cannot change the arrangement of the furniture but can change the furniture itself. It is pretty much like the Living Room Remodel game except it’s in 3D.
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