Household Items To Masturbate With

When you are alone at home and feeling turned on, you should know what household items to masturbate with. Sometimes when masturbating, it gets boring doing the same thing over and over again. Knowing what household items to use, can bring some excitement to your masturbation.

  1. Try using a banana peel. As crazy as it may seem, a banana peel can be an instant form of satisfaction to masturbate with. Take the banana out first of course. Heat the peel up in the microwave. Make sure it is not too hot, you do not want to burn your personal part. You want to use the banana peel as a sleeve on your member. This will feel extremely warm and pleasurable. Another bonus, it leaves you smelling like fruit.
  2. A sock makes a great household item to masturbation tool. This may seem like the boys first masturbation experience. Socks are very pleasurable and easy to use when masturbating. Just take the sock and put it over your member and start stroking. The plus side to this is no mess is left. You can use the sock to clean up afterwards.
  3. Take advantage of pillows to masturbate with. Pillows can be very pleasurable when masturbating. You can either cut a hole in the pillow and use it to thrust into. Or you can put two pillows beside one another and use the middle to thrust into. Both can be very pleasurable.
  4. Paper towel or toilet paper roll make great household items to masturbate with. You will want to make sure you lube up very good for this one. After lubing up, you can insert your member into the hole of the roll. It can be very pleasurable. This household item is popular to use to masturbate with.
  5. Use rubber gloves and lubrication to masturbate. The rubber gloves will give you the feel of another person actually touching your member while you masturbate. It can be very exotic and help you reach orgasm.

When masturbating, there are many household items that can lead to extreme pleasure. It never hurts to try out new things. You never know if you will like it or not. So find you a sock, silk blouse or gloves and enjoy.