Housewarming Invitation Wording

It can be hard to figure out the perfect housewarming invitation wording. There is no one right way to word a housewarming invitation. The right wording will depend on how formal your party is, whether you are single or with someone and whether you prefer straightforward or humorous invitations. The most important thing is that you include pertinent information such as who is hosting the party, and the time, date and place. Also, your housewarming invitation wording should fit your style and the ambiance of the party you are planning. Here are a few variations of sample housewarming invitation wordings that you can adapt to best fit your style:

  1. Formal invitation wording: "You are cordially invited to attend our housewarming party on the 12th of May, 2011 at four o' clock. 1123 Any Street, Anytown. Light refreshments will be provided. Mr. and Mrs. Jones." This is a good choice when inviting co-workers or other business associates who you do not generally socialize with outside of work.
  2. Alternate formal invitation wording: "Mr. Jones and Ms. Smith cordially invite you to attend a housewarming party at our new home on May 12th, 2011 at 1123 Any Street, Anytown. Light refreshments will be provided." If you are inviting people who you do not talk to often and who may not know you have a new home, the wording of this invitation is a good choice. By listing the hosts in the first line, it is immediately clear who is hosting the party.
  3. Casual invitation wording: "Please join us to celebrate our new home at our housewarming party Saturday, May 12th at noon. We'll have beer, wine, and mixers for the harder stuff, as well as chips and dip. Signed, John and Patty Smith." This invitation's casual and warm wording is a good fit for a party with friends.
  4. Alternate casual invitation wording: "Check out the new digs! Bring your suit to jump in the pool, and be ready for a brutal game of croquet on the back lawn. Eat some appetizers and drink some beer. Love, John and Patty Smith." The informality of the wording of this housewarming invitation makes it perfect for sending to personal friends.
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